Proposal To Build a Manufacturing Complex for M/s. Evyap Sabun Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Fabrication and Installation of Splitting, Glycerin, Saponification, Fractionation & Distillation, Utility plant, - Main plants ISBL & OSBL piping works, insulation for pipes and vessels and heat tracing for ISBL Pipelines, Tank Farm, Boiler House work, Oleic Acid, Hydro-generation, Soap bar Finishing line plant work at Malaysia.

Services includes:

  • Large scale piping
  • Tankages

Major work:

  • Fabrication:135000" Dia
  • Erection: 127000" Mtr
  • Stream Tracing Supply & Installation: 35801Mtr
  • Supply & Installation of Insulation: 27000Sq. Mtr
  • Supply & Installation of Stainless Tank: 9 Nos
Targetted completion: August, 2013.
  • malaysia


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